Educational Pediatric Products: Toby Tracheasaurus™

Toby Tracheasaurus

Each Toby Tracheasaurus™ pediatric program kit comes with a draw-string backpack containing a Toby Tracheasaurus™ Plush Toy, the Toby Tracheasaurus™ Coloring & Activity Book with crayons.

Featuring a pediatric tracheostomy tube and Passy Muir® Valve for the purpose of demonstration and education, the Toby Tracheasaurus™ Plush Toy provides therapists with a lighthearted method to introduce children to tracheostomy and the Passy Muir® Valve, while facilitating vocalization and enhancing therapeutic activities.
Item #VT1.

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Item #VT4. (Packaged with Toby Tracheasaurus)

Toby Coloring Book

The Toby Tracheasaurus™ Coloring & Activity Book is a teaching aide featuring an assortment of therapeutic and fun activities designed to help children voice and exhale orally when using a Passy Muir® Valve. Many of the therapeutic activities referred to in the book may be performed under supervision with toys readily available at most stores.
Item #VT3. Download the Toby Coloring Book

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