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Silvercrest Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation

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Silvercrest Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation (SCNR) is a 320 bed subacute and long-term care facility. SCNR has the largest tracheostomy and ventilator-dependent weaning program in New York State. They have set the standards for ventilator care in NYS as their interdisciplinary team model ensures comprehensive, coordinated care. The “Vent Team” meets regularly to discuss patient-specific goals for rehabilitation candidates, and to maximize each person’s quality of life. Patients are evaluated for cuff deflation tolerance and upper airway flow to facilitate verbal communication and airway protection during swallowing.

patient using speech recognition software

The Passy Muir® Valve is used as a step in the weaning and decannulation process as the patient begins to restore a “closed system” while swallowing function improves. The full-time speech pathologists and 24-hour respiratory therapy staff work closely with the medical team to allow verbal communication options to those who can benefit. Ventilator-dependent patients participate in rehabilitation therapy with the physical, occupational, speech and recreation therapies, while being connected to their portable ventilators. Despite the complex medical conditions that are present on the ventilator unit, many patients maximize their quality of life as they communicate their intentions and needs verbally. It is not uncommon to see a patient connected to a ventilator while dancing and singing on the dance floor during a special event at Silvercrest.

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Policies and Procedures

Click here to download Silvercrest’s Passy Muir Policy and Procedure

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