Passy Muir® Valve Oxygen Adapter PMA® 2000

Passy Muir® Tracheostomy & Ventilator Swallowing and Speaking Valve
PMA® 2000


The Passy Muir PMA® 2000 Oxygen Adapter is small, lightweight, clear in color and easily snaps onto the PMV 2000 (Clear) and PMV® 2001 (Purple Color™) Valves. The PMA 2000 allows for easy delivery of supplemental low flow oxygen (<6L/min) and humidity. Patients can improve their mobility and comfort by utilizing the PMA 2000 with oxygen tubing and a small portable oxygen tank, eliminating the need for bulky aerosol tubing. When using the PMA 2000, oxygen is delivered in front of the diaphragm of the Passy Muir® Valve. This reduces complications associated with devices that provide continuous flow behind the diaphragm of a speaking valve, which may include air trapping, drying of secretions and possible cilia damage.

Product Number/Ref: PMA 2000

Application of the Passy Muir® Valve

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