Toby's Kids

If you are a tracheostomized or ventilator dependent patient using a Passy Muir® Speaking Valve, just send us a photo of yourself wearing your Passy Muir® Speaking Valve, fill out a Toby Form, and we'll send you a free Toby Tracheasaurus® Plush Toy!

If you are under 18, please get permission from your parent(s) or guardian before sending us a request. If you are unable to complete the form yourself, please have your parent or guardian fill it out for you.

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“My son David LOVES his PMV®. It took him awhile to wear it but once he has started he loves to make all sorts of noises. Its been wonderful being able to hear him say Mom and Dad and giggle like a little boy should! Thanks soo much Passy Muir!! You gave my son the voice he never had!!!”
Vocal Cord Paralysis and Tracheal and Larnygomalacia

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