Overcoming Barriers to Speaking Valve Use: Success through Teamwork

Clinicians sometimes meet obstacles or face resistance from coworkers when attempting to utilize speaking valves with tracheostomy and ventilator patients in their facility. Common misconceptions such as the patients are “too sick” or that the cuff has to remain inflated to prevent aspiration create roadblocks to successful valve use. Other coworkers may avoid involvement in the team process because they are unfamiliar with the benefits or proper use of the speaking valve, especially for in-line ventilator application. This presenter will share her perspective as a clinician who overcame both organizational and practical barriers to successfully implement a tracheostomy team and initiate new speaking valve protocols in a long term acute care facility. She will provide helpful strategies for addressing these obstacles as well as evidence for use of the Passy-Muir Valve in decannulation and ventilator weaning protocols. This course is intended for health care professionals working with tracheostomy and ventilator patients who wish to improve clinical outcomes for their patients while reducing healthcare costs associated with their care.




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