pocket t.o.m.

This tracheostomy patient-friendly app enables communication at the touch of a button. Featuring an intuitive menu, user-defined voice options, pre-recorded phrases, a custom phrase record option, patient videos, and easy access to resources, TRACHTOOLS is designed to facilitate communication, provide useful tracheostomy information, and foster patient participation. The redesigned Apple version of the app also allows patients and clinicians to cross language barriers with the new feature of pre-recorded phrases in English or Spanish. The app is perfect for patients, families, and caregivers. Now available free of charge from the App Store or Google Play. Compatible with iOS 11.
At Passy Muir, better communication means better care.

What’s New

Spanish and English language options. Pre-recorded phrases translation feature. Increased output volume.
Compatible with iOS 11.

Trachtools App on Mulitple Devices

Apple store Trachtools link
Android store Trachtools