Passy Muir Centers of Excellence
Passy Muir Centers of Excellence
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Because Passy Muir® Valves decrease recovery time and enhance the quality of life of patients, Passy Muir honors the facilities that, over the years, have utilized Passy Muir Valves as their standard of care for their patients with tracheostomy and ventilator dependence. The Passy Muir Centers of Excellence Program was developed in order to showcase some of these amazing success stories.

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If you would like to download and view the Policies and Procedures of each center, please click here. If you would like to be considered for our Centers of Excellence program, please click below to learn more.

The Passy Muir Centers of Excellence Program offers the opportunity to:

  • Recognize and honor the facilities that utilize Passy Muir® Valves as their standard of care
  • Meet the teams and read descriptions of their philosophy of care
  • Review and download their protocols and procedures, research, and publications
  • Learn from videos of success stories and practices across the continuum of care

Barlow Respiratory Hospital Staff

Specializing in ventilator weaning, pulmonary rehabilitation, and care of medically complex patients, Barlow Respiratory Hospital delivers on its mission to help patients breathe easier. As a long-term acute care (LTAC) hospital, Barlow is widely trusted for the specialized care offered to chronically, critically ill patients in the post-ICU setting. The Barlow Respiratory Hospital incorporates the use of the Passy Muir Valve at every opportunity, to enhance the ventilator weaning experience and improve decannulation outcomes.

CareOne Long Term Acute Care Hospital at Trinitas Regional Medical Center Staff

CareOne Long Term Acute Care Hospital at Trinitas Regional Medical Center is a specialized unit focusing primarily on pulmonary medicine. Their state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled professionals specifically care for complex patients who require advanced therapies. They focus on ventilator weaning and recognize the benefits of including the Passy Muir Valve as an important step in the weaning process.

The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital Staff

Bethany Children’s Health Center is a pediatric specialty hospital that offers a wide range of medical services, rehabilitative care, social services, and education to children and teenagers with complex medical needs, including tracheostomy and ventilator dependency. The Passy Muir Valve plays a daily role to provide care for patients who have experienced traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or extended hospitalization due to injury or illness.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Staff

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is a college-affiliated, quaternary pediatric medical care center and has established its Tracheostomy/Home Ventilator Program to provide inpatient and outpatient care to children with tracheostomy and ventilator dependency. They emphasize education and training to improve use of the Passy Muir Valve in all stages of care, including the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Gaylord Specialty Healthcare Staff

Gaylord Specialty Healthcare is a premier provider of long-term acute care hospital services. Gaylord’s pulmonary program is a comprehensive program providing therapy and training for individuals with various respiratory conditions and diseases at both the inpatient and outpatient level of care. Through their comprehensive decannulation program, many patients who are ventilator-dependent are weaned with the supervision and support of their pulmonary team.

Houston Methodist Continuing Care Hospital - Katy Team

Houston Methodist Continuing Care Hospital (HMCCH) is a long-term acute care hospital (LTACH) that focuses on the needs of medically complex patients who require extended hospitalization. The diagnoses of these patients includes respiratory compromise resulting from complex medical comorbidities such as coma, advanced cancer, cardiac issues, transplant status, neurological insult, postoperative sequelae, and many others. HMCCH strives to ensure patients have a functional means of communication and the opportunity to utilize their voices to speak with the medical staff and their family. Using their Passy Muir® Valve (PMV) protocol, they provide patients a means of engaging in their care, helping to ensure patient autonomy and safety.

Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital Staff

Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital is a free-standing transitional care and long-term acute care hospital that manages medically complex patients who require mechanical ventilation and patients requiring long recovery times. The Passy Muir Valve is utilized as part of an integrated approach to treat this population and support speech, swallowing, and ventilator weaning.

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital Staff

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital is one of the nation’s foremost facilities for medical rehabilitation and research. Madonna is a national leader in specialized rehabilitation programs for traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, and pulmonary conditions for adults and children of all ages. Their multidisciplinary team model incorporates the use of the Passy Muir Valve to facilitate ventilator weaning and trach decannulation in these populations.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Staff

Nationwide Children’s Hospital is the largest children’s hospital and pediatric institute in the US. Their multidisciplinary team incorporates the use of the Passy Muir Valve to improve developmental outcomes for patients of all ages. The Valve is used in the neonatal intensive care unit, rehabilitation unit, and all their acute care floors. Patients can also be evaluated for the use of the Valve as an outpatient through the Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic or Airway Clinic.

Northwest Texas Hospital System Staff

Northwest Texas Healthcare System is an acute-care facility and trauma center with a physician-led interdisciplinary Tracheostomy Team that utilizes the Passy Muir Valve to provide collaborative care to patients with tracheostomy and who require mechanical ventilation. They conduct research studies and gather data related to tracheostomies and Passy Muir Valve use.

Pediatric Home Service Staff

Pediatric Home Service is an independent home health care company specializing in children. They serve infants, children, and adolescents with tracheostomy or require mechanical ventilation. They utilize an interdisciplinary approach to provide support, resources, and technology, including use of the Passy Muir Valve to target communication, swallowing, decannulation, and ventilator weaning.

Post Acute Medical Specialty Hospital of Vegas Staff

Post Acute Medical Specialty Hospital of Las Vegas, Nevada is a long-term acute care hospital (LTACH) that provides high quality post-acute services that foster meaningful improvement and recovery for people with injuries, illness, and disabilities. Their team is passionate about giving medically complex patients the best chance of recovery by providing early and aggressive intervention in the critical care setting, which includes early intervention use of the Passy Muir Valve to promote effective communication, ventilator and tracheostomy weaning, and improved swallow function.

Silver Lake Specialized Care Center Staff

Silver Lake Specialized Care Center is a skilled nursing facility in New York that developed the first ventilator unit to service patients with tracheostomies and for those who require mechanical ventilation in this type of setting. Silver Lake is committed to rehabilitate all patients to their maximum potential, and the Passy Muir Valve has been an integral part of their program to facilitate ventilator weaning, increase communication and swallowing, and improve quality of life.

St. Mary's Hospital for Children Staff

St. Mary’s Hospital for Children is a pediatric rehabilitation and long-term care facility that provides care for children from birth-21 years of age with multiple medical complexities. Their interdisciplinary team utilizes the Passy Muir Valve (PMV) to treat children with tracheostomies and ventilatory dependency with a goal of weaning and decannulation. They also organize facility-wide continuing education on PMV use and how the Valve can further benefit the medically complex pediatric population.

Swiss Paraplegic Centre Staff

The Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil, Switzerland provides lifelong care for patients with spinal cord injuries and similar neurological diseases. Their interdisciplinary team encourages early use of the Passy Muir Valve in the rehabilitation process to improve communication, swallowing, ventilator weaning and decannulation, and quality of life. The Valve also is used in the treatment of patients with failed or prolonged weaning from the ventilator.