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Educational seminar
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Passy Muir Live Seminars

Offered for CEU credit, and hosted by our expert clinical specialists, these live seminars provide clinical information regarding tracheostomy, including the physiologic impact of tracheostomy on a patient’s respiratory, speech, and swallowing functions. Clinicians will learn step-by-step strategies to assess for the use of a no-leak speaking Valve to restore communication, improve swallowing, improve secretion management, and restore subglottic pressure in adults and children who require a tracheostomy. The basics for successful assessment and placement of a no-leak speaking Valve in-line during mechanical ventilation will be demonstrated, and the impact on communication, swallowing, secretion management, and subglottic pressure will be discussed. These workshops feature hands-on training sessions, case studies, patient videos, and group discussion.

CEUs will be offered for Respiratory Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, and Nurses in the United States. All others will receive a certificate of attendance.

“Hands down the best CEU course that I have attended in a long time.”

“I’ve worked with the tracheostomy and vent population for many years, but each time I take your courses, I always pick up one, if not several, tidbits of information to bring back to my staff and implement ASAP.”

“I will be able to use the information I learned today during a therapy session with one of my acute care patients tomorrow.”

More 2023 Seminars Coming Soon

• In-person seminars TBA
• Virtual seminars and workshops TBA