Patient Care Kit

Patient Care Kit

In our efforts to provide continuity of care for patients from ICU through homecare and to offer comprehensive support materials for clinicians, Passy Muir provides a sturdy, resealable Patient Care Kit which includes:

  • A Passy Muir® Valve
  • Large and durable warning labels to facilitate staff awareness
  • Patient chart label for use in recording patient parameters while using the Valve
  • A clinician’s instruction booklet to provide detailed assessment and placement instructions
  • A patient handbook to assist with patient and family education
  • A storage container for the Valve
  • The Passy Muir Patient Care Kit is included with U.S. orders of PMV® 005, PMV® 007 (Aqua Color), PMV® 2000 (clear), PMV® 2001 (Purple Color), and PMV® 2020 (clear). International Patient Care Kits have multilingual packaging, not shown.