Centers of Excellence

Thank you for your participation in the Passy Muir Centers of Excellence program. Please provide the following information and supporting items to showcase your facility. Prior to beginning the application, you must have all documentation and videos ready for uploading in one sitting. Please note: There are file size limitations to the requested documentation. The limitation is 25MB per document and 100MB per application. Videos, photos, and presentations will be uploaded to an external website due to their typically large file sizes. If file sizes exceed these limitations, please ZIP files, export documentation in smaller file sizes, or otherwise compress them.

Please upload the following required documents. When naming your files, please adhere to the following procedure. Begin with COE, then an underscore followed by your facility name, then another underscore followed by the date of submission. Example: COE_Barlow_4.23.2019 If you are sending more than one file, begin numbering before the first underscore. Examples: COE_Barlow_4.23.2019 COE2_Barlow_4.23.2019

If you would like to upload further documentation with or without a file size larger than 25MB, copy the link below and paste it in a new window. Examples of files to upload here include: 1. Zipped photo folder of patients using the valve. Include photos from your success story. 2. Presentations regarding the Passy Muir Valve and/or care of trach and vent patients (past or future) 3. Videos (patient testimonials, Passy Muir Valve placements, clinician testimonial.)

Additional items. Not required but strongly recommended.