COVID-19 Update: Dear patients and healthcare professionals, we are here for you and will continue to provide Passy-Muir products during this crisis, while taking the precautions necessary to safeguard our employees. We have increased our clinical education offerings to include important COVID-19 information. Passy-Muir believes that we can mask-up, glove-up, and step-up to make a difference together in the outcome of this pandemic.
Centers of Excellence

Gaylord Specialty Healthcare

Gaylord Specialty Healthcare is a premier provider of long-term acute care hospital services. Gaylord’s pulmonary program is a comprehensive program providing therapy and training for individuals with various respiratory conditions and diseases at both the inpatient and outpatient level of care. This program includes individual treatment sessions, as well as group pulmonary rehabilitation services.

Gaylord has an aggressive ventilator weaning program with a 75% weaning rate which exceeds the NALTH rates of 70%. Gaylord has an interdisciplinary “Ventilator/Tracheostomy Team,” which meets weekly to ensure that the needs of complex pulmonary patients are met in a timely manner. The diverse team includes pulmonologists, respiratory therapists, speech-language pathologists, nurses, registered dietitians, and care managers. This team manages all aspects of the pulmonary patients’ needs. Through their comprehensive decannulation program, the Gaylord team encourages the use of the Passy Muir® Valve early in the recovery process.

Gaylord consistently gathers data and conducts a research study related to tracheostomies and Passy Muir Valve use. Through this comprehensive program, many ventilator-dependent patients are weaned with the supervision and support of our pulmonary team. This enables a large percentage of their pulmonary patients to return home after discharge with an improved quality of life.

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Policies and Procedures

Click here to download Gaylord’s Policy and Procedure: “In-Line Passy Muir® Valve.”

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