Ventilator Application of a Bias-Closed Position Speaking Valve for the Vela and Esprit


This webinar describes ventilator assessment and advanced in-line placement techniques. A multi-disciplinary approach allows successful placement of a bias-closed position valve in-line with the mechanically ventilated adult. Key ventilator setting changes that enhance successful management are described. Additionally, safe alarm options for the Vela and Esprit ventilators are reviewed. Four interactive case studies, reinforced learning, and critical thinking skills are used to work through several troubleshooting issues.


  1. Describe how to assess baseline mechanical ventilator settings and patient parameters.
  2. Apply the principals for common ventilator adjustments that will support successful cuff deflation and maintain adequate alveolar minute ventilation upon cuff deflation.
  3. In case study fashion, describe how to identify and assess appropriate patients prior to speaking valve placement; assess proper airway patency; and place a valve correctly in-line with the ventilator circuit.
  4. List the options for safe application of alternative ventilator alarm options with a speaking valve in-line.



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