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Passy Muir is committed to improving the quality of life for patients with tracheostomy and ventilator dependence. We offer an array of tools designed and developed to best meet the educational needs of medical professionals and facilities. Our suite of anatomical teaching models, plush therapy hand puppet, and patient education sheets are effective tools that can be used to educate patients and families about tracheostomies and the proper use of the Passy Muir® Valve.

Tracheostomy T.O.M. ®

tracheostomy tom Tracheostomy Observation Model
Tracheostomy T.O.M. is a portable, durable polyurethane elastomer model mounted on an acrylic platform that depicts a midsagittal view of the nasal cavity with nare, oral cavity, pharynx, trachea, and upper esophagus of a tracheostomized adult. A “stoma” is provided in the lower neck area to allow for demonstration of the effect of various aspects of tracheostomy care, and tracheostomy placement issues. The nare is open, allowing insertion and placement of a suction catheter or nasogastric tube. The flexible tracheoesophageal wall allows for demonstration of the effects of an overinflated tracheostomy tube cuff on the esophagus.
How to use Tracheostomy T.O.M.

Pocket T.O.M.®

pocket tom Tracheostomy Observation Model

Pocket T.O.M. is a more portable version of our standard Tracheostomy T.O.M. model. It is small enough to fit in a coat pocket but big enough to demonstrate tracheostomy placement and possible complications.

“I have been spending lots of time with Pocket T.O.M.! It really is a wonderful tool for education. I just took it with me this a.m. to educate a 32-year lady with myasthenia exacerbation who required a trach. She has felt overwhelmed and nervous about the trach, swallowing, PMV, etc. She felt much better after education session with our buddy T.O.M.”

Carmin Bartow, MA, CCC-SLP, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Tracheostomy P.A.M.® (Pediatric Airway Model)

Passy Muir tracheostomy pam Pediatric Airway Model
Tracheostomy P.A.M. (Pediatric Airway Model) is designed for use by healthcare practitioners to educate students, families, patients, and clinicians about tracheostomy in the pediatric airway and the proper application of the Passy Muir Valve. P.A.M. is packaged with helpful educational accessories to enable clinicians to provide a wide variety of education related to tracheostomy. The kit includes three demonstration Passy Muir Valves, a cuffed tracheostomy tube, and syringe for education and practice related to use of speaking valves with and without a ventilator. A nasogastric tube is provided for the display of nasogastric intubation. A customized Tracheostomy P.A.M. product package is provided for easy storage and transport of the entire P.A.M. kit.
How to Use Tracheostomy P.A.M.

Toby Tracheapuppet

toby tracheapuppet

Toby Tracheapuppet Therapy Hand Puppet is a therapist’s best friend and a child’s best companion. Toby Tracheapuppet plush therapy hand puppet provides therapists and caregivers with a lighthearted method to introduce children to tracheostomy and the Passy Muir Valve.

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Patient Education Handouts

patient education handouts
The front side of each tear-off sheet illustrates the cross-sectional view of the head and neck anatomy with tracheostomy placement and direction of air-flow with and without the Passy Muir Valve. Specific labels for larynx, trachea, and esophagus are provided. Ideal for teaching tracheostomy concepts and clinical benefits of the Passy Muir Valve. The back side contains simple descriptions and full-color pictures to highlight important clinical information and instructions about the Passy Muir Valve: how the Valve works, clinical benefits, application and troubleshooting, care and cleaning. Space is provided for notes and special instructions.


Passy Muir Trachtools app

This tracheostomy patient-friendly app enables communication at the touch of a button. Featuring an intuitive menu, user-defined voice options, pre-recorded phrases, a custom phrase record option, patient videos, and easy access to resources, TRACHTOOLS is designed to facilitate communication, provide useful tracheostomy information, and foster patient participation. The redesigned Apple version of the app also allows patients and clinicians to cross language barriers with the new feature of pre-recorded phrases in English or Spanish. The app is perfect for patients, families, and caregivers. Now available free of charge from the App Store or Google Play. Compatible with iOS 11.

At Passy Muir, better communication means better care.

Toby Tracheasaurus Coloring & Activity Book

Passy Muir Toby Tracheasaurus coloring activity book
The Toby Tracheasaurus Coloring & Activity Book contains a variety of activities, such as Toby mazes, dinosaur connect the dots, and vocalization exercises. Along with these fun teaching activities, the 28-page book also includes coloring pages of Toby and friends. Get the Bound Toby Coloring & Activity book in store for $6.00 or download the free PDF version.