Passy Muir Publications

Passy Muir regularly features articles in its publications on cutting-edge therapies and evidence-based clinical practice drawn from the collaborative efforts of the Passy Muir Clinical Team and expert researchers and clinicians from different disciplines and settings. They are intended to inspire discussion about the Passy Muir® Valve and advancement in issues related to the care and management of patients with tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation.

Research Articles

Impacting Patient Care and Ethical Considerations

Understanding the Management of Patients Undergoing Prolonged Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation

Tracheostomy Tube Cuff: Purpose and Practice through Team Management

Management of Complications Following SCI and the Role of SLPs on a Multidisciplinary Team

High Flow Oxygen Therapy and the PMV®

Articles Representing International Research on Tracheostomy, Mechanical Ventilation and Passy Muir®

Physicians’ Corner: Having a Protocol for Clinical and Research Use of the Passy Muir® Speaking Valve

Assessment Considerations for PMV® Candidacy in the Pediatric Population

Candidacy for Passy Muir® Valve Placement in Infants and Young Children: The Airway Assessment

Keys to Success: A Pediatric Respiratory Therapy Case Study

Hot Topic Box: Mobility and Postural Stability

Current Research Related to Speaking Valve Use with the Pediatric Population

Physicians’ Perspective on the Passy Muir® Speaking Valve

Evidence Based Support for Using a PMV® In-line with Mechanical Ventilation

Effects of PMV® In-line with Mechanical Ventilation on Communication and Swallowing

Speaking Valve Use During Mechanical Ventilation:More than Just for Communication and Swallowing

Current Research Related to Mechanical Ventilation and Speaking Valve Use