PMV® 2020 (clear)

PMV 2020 (Clear Color)

The PMV 2020 Tracheostomy & Ventilator Swallowing and Speaking Valve (15mm I.D., 23mm O.D.) is designed to attach to a metal Jackson Improved tracheostomy tube (Sizes 4, 5, and 6) through the use of a PMA® 2020-S Adapter. The PMV 2020 is packaged with one PMA® 2020-S Adapter and one Secure-It® that connects the Valve to a tracheostomy tie to help prevent loss. The PMV 2020 Speaking Valve cannot be used in-line with a mechanical ventilator. Latex free. Made in the USA.

Not sure which Passy Muir Speaking Valve to order? To help you determine which Speaking Valve fits your application, click here.

Benefits of the PMV 2020 Speaking Valve:

  • Restores communication
  • Improves swallowing and may reduce aspiration
  • Restores natural positive airway pressure
  • Facilitates secretion management
  • May improve oxygenation
  • Expedites ventilator weaning and decannulation
  • Facilitates infection control
  • Improves smell, taste, and sensation